miércoles, abril 01, 2009

Village by Danxia caves, China

fuente: http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/200604/06/eng20060406_256459.html

The ancient plank road built along the Lijiayan rock cave, Taining County is still in service today. Taining County in southeast China's Fujian Province is known for the Danxia landform, boasting the most complete terra types and biggest area in provinces in southeast China. Corrosion and running water have formed rock caves of various shapes there. There are nearly 100 big rock caves in Taining, with 72 having records of human activities, called "72 caves" by the locals. The Danxia caves were endowed with different functions in history. The small ones were nests of birds, and big ones used as temples and houses, forming a unique view combining human and nature.

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