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Hotel Cuevas La Granja, Benalua del Guadix, Granada

The tourist complex "Cuevas la Granja" is located in an excepcional setting in the middle of the country. It is worth mentionig the particular landscape and contrast in colour of this area: surrounded by the high white peaks of Sierra Nevada, the red clay hills, the semidesert lunar landscape and finally, the pleasant green meadows full of fruit trees and groves which invite the traveller to enjoy the rural world within a different and unique natural setting.

"Cuevas la Granja"
is a six-house complex restored caves on an old farm dating back to the beginning of the century.

Each cave preserves the original splendour of the old construction: pavings, corners, laders....Its location in the open countryside enables the visitor to enjoy an incomparable setting for rest and relaxation in unique surroundings created by our ancestors as they dug deep into the clay hills.

Provided with the required facilities and services, the complex guarantees the visitor an unforgettable holiday bearing in mind the traditional taste of this place.

Each cave has:

Totally equipped kitchen:
Electric cooker
Coffee machine
Microwave oven
Electric toaster
Cook utensils

Living room:
Sofa bed
Chairs and tables

Sheets and covers


Tipical decoration
Central heating
Hot water
Ventilation systems

Services of the complex
Swimming pool
Gardens and small squares
Outside tables and chairs
Information and Turistic activities
Small library and games
Small souvenirs shop
Wonderful landscapes
Meal service
Supermarket service
Massage service.

Benalúa, situated in the heart of de Guadix region, is only 5 minutes by car from this historical town. It is one of the oldest human settlements of the Iberian Peninsula, 40 minutes by motorway and 1 hour by rail from the historical city of Granada (Alhambra Palace, Cathedral, Sierra Nevada...) and 1 hour and a half from Almería , one of the few Mediterranean places where one can still find virgin beaches set in natural parks.

The significant amount of archeological remains found on this site proves the existence of settlements in the Fardes Valley from the Neolithic Period.

Remains from the Bronze and Iron Ages have also been found. After the Phoenicians and Chartaginans, Benalúa formed part of the Roman "Acci", but neither under the Roman nor the Muslim rule did it have an independent town council.

After the Reconquest of the Catholic Monarchs, Benalúa was a country estate dependent on the Fonelas jurisdiction.

The first caves were dug out during the XVI, XVII and XVIII Centuries, but it was not until the XIX Century that the town constituted its council on the occasion of the Sugar Industry revolution.

One of the thing that makes the situation of our complex more attractive is the nearness to the sun and snow.

In just one hour by car the visitor could get the wonderful beaches of Almeria an get sunbathe there, one of the few Mediterranean places where one can still find virgin beaches set in natural parks .

Our area is sourronded by three Natural Parks. The most important one is the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada where one can practice all kind of winter sports

The region of Guadix has an important and varied number of natural and sociocultural resources, enabling the visitor to enjoy a wide range of activities whilst getting closer to the rural world.

Our tourist information service will provide our guests with a great variety of maps, guides and everything necessary to have as much fun as possible during their stay.

Cultural activities:
Popular festivals
Music and popular dances...

Craftwork activities:
Pottery shows....

Tipical restaurants

Activities related to the countryside:
Visits to the natural parks
Mountainbike routes
Walking routes...

Historical and monumental visits:
Granada- Alhambra, Generalife
Guadix- Cathedral, Alcazaba
Caves villages
Archeological routes

Other activities:
Games and sports

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