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Cave Church Mokattam Cairo Egypt Christian Orthodox Coptic Father.

fuente: http://cavechurch.com/home/index.aspChurch Of Saint Samaan The Tanner

The church was named after Saint Samaan the Tanner whom the Lord used in the miracle of moving the Mokkatam mountain on Nov. 27, 979 A.D from the boundaries of the Elephant Lake (now known as the New Helmeia) to its present location; during the time of the 62nd Patriarch, Bishop Abram Ibn Zaraa the Syrian in the reign of Al Muiz Ledin Illah the Fatimid , the first ruler of the Fatimid dynasty in Egypt.
Ministry in this church started by Divine Providence in April 1974 with a small children’s meeting, then a general women and men’s meeting in an area that has been completely deprived from any spiritual impact. Work started in the summer of 1974 by building the walls of this church from tin and the ceiling from straw. Fifteen months later, it was enlarged as a small church on an area of 220 sq. meters. Tin was replaced by bricks and the ceiling by tents material.

The actual church building was completed in 1976, on an area of approximately 1000 sq. meters during the Papacy of Pope Shenouda III who honored the place by pioneering the first corner-stones.

His Holiness visited the church for the first time and blessed it on 18/6/1976 and for a second and third time during the feast of Saint Samaan The Tanner in 1978 and 1979. The fourth time was on 12/4/1994 during the inauguration of Saint Samaan’s / Patmos Hospital.

Year after year, spiritual meetings started to flourish and grow and the "Lord added to their number daily those who were saved." (Acts 2:47)
"The Lord worked with them and confirmed His word by the signs that accompanied it." (Mark 16:20)

Inside the church, there are several pieces of art to resurrection, plus two pieces of art portraying the miracle of moving the Mokkatam Mountain.
This church is considered to be the first in the world to be named after "Saint Samaan The Tanner" under direct Divine Ordinance a 1000 years after the miracle of moving the Mokkatam Mountain occurred.
Annexed to this church is a vocational training center and the hospital.

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