jueves, noviembre 20, 2008

viviendo en una cueva

fuente : http://www.livinginacave.com/index.html

Iain & Gayle el 29 de julio del 2004 decidieron irse de Inglaterra y comprar una cueva en España..........si quieres ver que ocurrió y como vivieron la compra de una cueva con su posterior restauración ve al link seleccionado.

Esto es lo que dicen :

9th July 2004 . . . that was the day we left our three bedroom semi in the North East of England, a few hours later we were watching the cliffs of Dover disappear into the distance . . . living the dream had very suddenly turned into living the reality.

"We are Iain and Gayle. A move to rural Spain had appealed to us for a long time before we actually took the plunge, we had discovered caves by accident while house hunting on the internet and were immediately intrigued. A viewing trip and a baby sitter were arranged and off we went for a three day flying visit. After our return home, and an offer placed through the estate agent, we got the wheels in motion, sold our house and almost everything in it, bought a caravan and planned as best we could for a new life in Andalucia, not everything went smoothly!

Over the next few months and living on site in our caravan we set about reforming our "hole in the hillside". Eventually by December 2004 we were in!"......

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Como mínimo diferente el que una familia de ingleses se vaya a vivir a Andalucia a una cueva :)))